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Welcome to Community Research

‘Bringing the voices of communities into the heart of client organisations'.

This is our mission and we believe it makes a huge difference to:

  • The quality of our clients' decisions;
  • The level of community ‘buy in' and support for those decisions; and
  • The appropriateness of the services our clients deliver.

To achieve our aim we design and implement tailored research, consultation and engagement activities.Our approaches include: qualitative and quantitative research, consultation and deliberative events; online panels and a range of innovative techniques using new media.

Every organisation that we work with has its own unique communities to serve. We can reach out to all kinds of audiences and communities: from disadvantaged young people to the chief executives of large companies; from deprived urban and rural locations to the most affluent suburbs. Geographical communities, communities of interest and online communities.

We are proud to work as associates of The Consultation Institute.


Latest News

  • Community Research Sponsors Voting Keypads

    We were delighted to sponsor the use of voting keypads at the recent Annual Conference of The Consultation Institute. The keypads allowed conference delegates to vote on key issues and to text in their comments and questions. What could be more appropriate at a conference all about consultation and ...

  • NHS Involvement Event

    Rebecca Addis led a session with NHS involvement staff at today's event on behalf of the Consultation Institute. See the picture here....

  • Community Research is Selected for the Crown Commercial Service Framework

    We are deighted to announce that Community Research has been selected as a supplier under the Crown Commercial Service framework for Market Research. Suppliers underwent a rigorous selection process and will now be available to serve public sector bodies that use the Crown Commercial Service frame...

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