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Welcome to Community Research

‘Bringing the voices of communities into the heart of client organisations'.

This is our mission and we believe it makes a huge difference to:

  • The quality of our clients' decisions;
  • The level of community ‘buy in' and support for those decisions; and
  • The appropriateness of the services our clients deliver.

To achieve our aim we design and implement tailored research, consultation and engagement activities.Our approaches include: qualitative and quantitative research, consultation and deliberative events; online panels and a range of innovative techniques using new media.

Every organisation that we work with has its own unique communities to serve. We can reach out to all kinds of audiences and communities: from disadvantaged young people to the chief executives of large companies; from deprived urban and rural locations to the most affluent suburbs. Geographical communities, communities of interest and online communities.

We are proud to work as associates of The Consultation Institute.


Latest News

  • Rachel Lopata Appointed Chair of The Consultation Institute's Advisory Board

    Community Research's Director, Rachel Lopata is to jointly Chair The Consultation Institute's Advisory Board. The Advisory Board exists to help The Consultation Institute's development as it enters its second decade of existence, by providing strategic input and expert practitioner advice. Rachel's ...

  • Helping Brent to consult on tricky budget decisions

    Brent Council needs to make some challenging decisions about how it spends its budget in future. The Council was keen to adopt a participative approach to making these decisions, one that identified local spending priorities with input from a range of stakeholders, including the public, allowing the...

  • Sharing what we learn

    On 29th November Rachel Lopata will be speaking at a Unions 21 half-day conference sharing insight and advice on how trade unions might encourage a more active and engaged membership through research. Drawing on research and learning that Community Research has gained from work for the TUC and many ...

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