Community Close-Ups

“Community Close-Ups” is a new collaboration between the research team at Community Research and the filmmakers at Postcode Films.

‘Community Close-ups’ provides detailed insight into the lives and needs of communities and the individuals within them. Communities can take multiple forms, connected by a common interest, location, generation, ethnicity, heritage or profession which makes them complex and varied.  As a result, many organisations  struggle to understand the  diverse communities they serve. We have developed ‘Community Close-ups’ to help organisations understand particular communities. Combining the skills of professional researchers, data analysts, ethnographers and documentary filmmakers, we work together with community members, integrating ourselves into their everyday lives to understand their needs and how our clients’ current services or policies may or may not be suitable.   By giving a voice to community members we provide the all-important connection between them and the organisations that serve them. What we uncover can create major shifts in organisational thinking - “lightbulb moments”, for policy-makers, frontline staff and managers alike! 

Our films and reports are compelling, highly accessible and easily disseminated: we run workshops and staff training packages to share the learning, making sure that learning leads to action to improve the lives of communities.

Find out how Community Close-ups can help you get closer to the communities you serve. Get in touch.