Case Studies

The Food Standards Agency (FSA)


We deliver the FSA’s diverse programme of consumer engagement and research, in partnership with our colleagues at 2CV Research. Central to the programme is the creation and management of deliberative citizens’ forums, but the partnership also undertakes a range of both traditional and innovative research approaches including using mobile phone based feedback to understand real-time behaviour, quantitative tracking of consumer views related to the EU Exit and facilitating a small scale consumer panel feeding into the FSA’s Regulating Our Future programme.

General Dental Council (GDC)


We run the GDC’s 5,000-strong ‘Word of Mouth’ Panel – an online panel of dental patients. The panel is used to ensure that the patient voice, through qualitative and quantitative research, directly informs the development of the organisation’s strategy, policy and communications.

General Medical Council (GMC)


We have a longstanding relationship with the GMC having conducted extensive research with patients, public and doctors to inform the development of policy and guidance on a variety of topics. Our work has also provided evidence to allow the GMC to drive improvements to their Fitness to Practise process.

You will find links to a number of our reports for the GMC on our Publications page.

General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)


We are supporting the GOsC to conduct patient, public and professional engagement as part of a broader piece of work being conducted with the General Dental Council and the Collaborating Centre for Values Based Practice. This looks at the support that regulators can provide within the dynamic context of an individual patient consultation, and the potential to establish and test decision making tool that would assist shared decision making between patients and professionals.

Thames Water


We are currently working with Thames Water as their sole supplier of public consultation services. This has covered the 2019 Price Review period, during which the company has had much cause to engage with and consult its 15 million customers on its future challenges, plans and investment proposals.

Anglian Water


We have worked with Anglian Water to help them re-think their definition of vulnerability, speaking with a wide variety of customers to gather personal portraits of their circumstances and the issues they face when dealing with their water company. By understanding their stories, we helped Anglian re-examine their assumptions about how easy it is for people to seek help when they need it.

South Staffs Water


In advance of submitting its latest Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP), South Staffs Water (incorporating Cambridge Water) commissioned Community Research to carry out a study with household, business and future customers. The work helped the company to understand customers’ priorities and to gather feedback on a variety of investment options.

Portsmouth Water


As water companies develop their plans for the future, it is vitally important that they understand customers’ views on the key trade-offs and difficult decisions they will need to make. Portsmouth Water commissioned Community Research to recruit and convene a Customer Advisory Panel, designed to feed their views into future plans for local supply of water and to establish priorities for the company’s future strategy.

British Red Cross



We worked with Which? on a high profile project on the future of food with the objective of making on-going food industry and government debates around how to produce food in response to global challenges of food security, sustainability and rising food prices relevant to people's everyday lives by giving them a stronger voice in the future of food through a multi-faceted food debate.


We have conducted research to inform two key policy areas: i) engagement with groups of health and social care professionals to inform the Red Cross’s report In and Out of Hospital – focussing on integration of health and social care and
ii) research to explore the experiences British Red Cross staff and volunteers and people directly affected by an emergency and their views on what support is needed. This will allow the British Red Cross team to advocate for a truly human centred approach to emergency response.

University of Warwick


Our research with staff, students and stakeholders has directly informed overarching branding and marketing strategies, as well the introduction and development of specific interdisciplinary degree programmes.

Nottingham CCG


To inform the development of the new strategy, we supported the CCG with a programme of engagement to ensure that the priorities agreed were appropriate and reflective of the health needs in Nottingham City. The engagement sought to understand the communities’ healthcare priorities, their response to the draft strategy and their views on how the strategy could be delivered.

The Gambling Commission


In-depth interviews, group discussions and an online question board ensured that consumers from all walks of life were able to help shape communications outlining the complaints process within the gambling industry, and more specifically the type of complaints handled by the Gambling Commission.

Brent Council


Consumer Council for Water


The Consumer Council for Water commissioned Community Research to conduct a series of workshops across the country designed to explore public attitudes to the future supply of water, with the aim of developing messaging and communications strategies that would promote the imperative for water conservation in a more meaningful and productive way.

University of Leicester


We have conducted extensive research on the university’s brand and reputation, as well as research to help improve the student experience and the impact of university communications.



The Consumer First Panel, the flagship project within Ofgem’s Consumer First initiative, brings together around 80 energy consumers from across Great Britain to deliberate on key energy issues and policy. In 2016, we were chosen to run the latest round of workshops, which covered a range of topics,  including uncovering consumer views on the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) recommended package of remedies designed to increase engagement in the market.


We have worked for Brent Council on a number of assignments, helping them to bring the voices of their communities into the heart of their strategies and plans.  This has included running workshops with varied audiences to feed into budget planning and the longer term vision of the Council.