Our approach

Senior, experienced people

We are a small team of research and engagement professionals with bags of experience. Unlike some bigger agencies we do not delegate the core work of understanding your communities to junior staff. We don’t have junior staff. We love talking to and working with communities. We also love to have our clients with us to listen in and take part.

Active participants, not passive respondents

Communities and the people within them are not lab rats to be examined and dissected in order to be understood. We want to empower communities to have a say in the issues that affect their lives. We respect their boundaries and never blame them for being “hard to reach” - we see it as our job to make sure that everyone can take part in the research and engagement activities we design.


We work collaboratively. We have access to a network of specialist consultants who we can bring in to bolster our core team when the project needs their expertise. We can tackle projects of any size, supported by a trusted network of quality-accredited suppliers when large scale data collection is what’s needed. Above all, we work collaboratively with our clients, making sure their issues, questions and challenges are going to be answered by the work we undertake.