Infographics – getting your messages across

An infographic, a visual representation of information, can be a great way of presenting insight quickly and clearly. They are particularly useful when your audience is time poor and just needs to take on board the key messages from a piece of research. Their eye-catching and easily digestible format make them a powerful tool when you need to influence people.

Community Research recently conducted a large-scale piece of research for the Consumer Council for Water. We wrote a full report of our findings so that people could understand the nuances and detail behind the key messages, but we also produced an infographic that highlighted the key findings in an accessible and visually appealing one-pager.

Some other great examples showing how research can be distilled through infographics are:

  • A summary of market segmentation research from British Rowing
  • A highly visual and infographic research report for the charity StreetGames
  • A summary of the results of London Sport’s Exercise, Move, Dance survey
Alan Whitlock